It’s hard to believe that Metro Organics is merely two years old (end 2018).  This family business which employs majority women has grown rapidly as the demand for organic produce has escalated.

The Clack family planted their first crops in December 2016 and in one small seed bed they harvested their first salad greens in January the following year. Their operation has grown in leaps and bounds since then, with a focus on fast growing crops (seed to harvest in 3 months), crop rotation and companion planting.

The farm is in a peaceful corner of Noordhoek in Cape Town’s South Peninsula. The drive there feels like something out of a storybook … past The Toad pub and a home with a large sign saying Pooh Corner, around the bend and into Sleepy Hollow Lane.

It is true urban farm with limited space and water, but where principles of bio-intensive farming have proved to be most successful. Planting is mostly fast growing crops of salad leaves and other greens and some root crops like carrots, turnips, radish and spring onions too. No chemicals are used for spraying or fertilization and the farm makes all of its own compost.

metro organics edible supplier

Edible looks forward to supplying you with some of Metro’s wonderful fresh produce in our Monday delivery veggie bags.