Jane sells local cheeses that she has sourced from small farm producers from all over the country.

Unlike factory produced and processed products, her cheeses are made in small cheeseries and have the taste of real cheese.

Her ethos is to bring a little country into the city bridging the gap between farm and customer. Her initial vision was not to follow the wholesale route and so she has created a niche market for herself by bridging the gap from farm to customer.

Her range includes cow, goat, sheep and buffalo milk cheeses.

Aroundcheese is but a pun as she enjoys pairing cheese with complementary products i.e. relishes, conserves, pickles and other delights.

Find Jane at the Oranjezicht City Farm Market in Granger Bay On Saturday and Sundays  or follow her on www.facebook.com/aroundcheese or on Instagram at aroundcheese