Chicken Drumsticks


1kg pack of 4+ chicken drumsticks.

The chickens are pasture-raised and live in the fresh air and sunshine and are free of all medication, hormones and growth stimulants.  They are housed in open-sided “tractors” that sit directly on fresh pasture, allowing them to scratch in the earth and eat all the grass, legumes bugs and worms they want before being interested in the food they are provided. The tractors are moved to fresh pasture every day and the number of chickens per house is kept low, giving them space to move around and to prevent stress from overcrowding.

The chickens’ feed is hand-mixed with individually sourced ingredients, ensuring they get the range of nutrients they need. They grow at a slower, more natural and healthier rate, producing the most tender and delicious chicken meat.

Martin from Cure Deli supplies our chickens. Read more about Cure Deli here.



Delicious free range chicken drumsticks (1kg pack of 4+ pieces), delivered frozen  VIEW DETAILS