Winter Citrus Salad

What better way to celebrate the beautiful, bright citrus fruits of winter than in the creation of this salad. Plus the benefits of all the Vitamin C will keep you healthy and happy all through the cold months. Serves 2 What You'll Need 1 Orange 1 Grapefruit 2 Naartjies/Clementines 1 Red onion, finely sliced 1 [...]

Winter Citrus Salad2019-06-26T08:26:43+02:00

Italian Caprese Salad

This means "salad from Capri", made to resemble the Italian flag. Its bright looking and is perfect as a side dish to lemon chicken or bruschetta but tasty simply on its own. Make your own variation, try adding pesto or replacing basil with rocket. Below is the traditional recipe I came across while traveling in [...]

Italian Caprese Salad2018-06-14T14:00:35+02:00

Fennel, Cucumber and Cabbage Slaw

This crispy and refreshing salad is delicious served as a side dish for fish or chicken. Fennel is also such a wonderfully versatile ingredient -delicious cooked and raw, with a sweet licorice flavour and cabbage adds such a great crunch! Julienne = a french knife technique you can use to make your veggies look fancy! [...]

Fennel, Cucumber and Cabbage Slaw2016-11-02T11:38:25+02:00

Ahi Poke (Raw Fish Salad)

Raw fish salad, pronounced poh-kay Traditionally a Hawaiian dish - I tried some variations in South Florida. Personally, I enjoy the spiciness - the chili flakes can be replaced with a fresh thinly sliced green or red chilli, but you may prefer a zestier taste, simply leave out the chili and add the juice of [...]

Ahi Poke (Raw Fish Salad)2016-11-02T10:15:07+02:00