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Our story and why we love what we do!


Edible was founded out of a desire to reconnect, to bring back that personal relationship between ourselves and food. Our aim is to support local, sustainable farmers and producers and to make good food available to you. You deserve to know where your food comes from and we want to highlight the stories behind each farmer, butcher, fishmonger and producer that supply to us.

We are passionate about making farmers market ingredients accessible and igniting your interest to get in the kitchen and discover how incredible cooking can be, when you’re provided with the exceptional ingredients and creative ways to bring those ingredients to the table.

We only work with farmers and producers that share this same passion and create products with the same intention – a commitment to good quality, sustainable food.


Chantal Weakley - Edible

I have always had a passion for good food and a keen interest in cooking, coming from a family of great cooks and kitchen chaos, my earliest memories being with those with my ‘Ouma’ on my knees on a chair helping her to knead bread, my dad teaching me secret braai recipes and my mom always cooking with healthy, home grown ingredients.

In fact, I don’t think there is anyone in my whole extended family that doesn’t have some passion for baking or cooking – it is there, in and around the kitchen, where I feel most at home.

Even though I grew up in the city, I remember all the beautiful plants and trees from which I harvested all kinds of delicious things; black mulberries, sweet bananas and papaya, white pomelo, granadilla’s from a vine on the fence, juicy cherry tomatoes, even carrots, herbs and lettuces grown in a patch in the small back garden! At one point we even had chickens running around in the garden and collected our own fresh eggs. So the understanding for where food came from started from a young age.

Eventually, my adventure seeking spirit lead me out of South Africa and I have spent the last 10 years traveling the world, mostly chasing lands with a food and wine scene!

I immersed myself in as many cultures as I could come into contact with, drinking local wines of the islands such as Mallorca and Corsica, discovering delicacies from Sweden to South Florida and many magical places in between. Then one day, I was inspired to return back to South Africa, take what I have learned from these countries and travels and begin my own business in that which I am most passionate about – food and people!

But not all food is made equal and I am inspired everyday to learn more about our particular environment in South Africa, the seasonality of produce and the reality of what sustainability really means. I believe it is my responsibility to be aware of the ‘story’ behind every ingredient I choose to eat and the impact that has on the supplier and the environment.

Growing up in South Africa and then traveling so many places abroad, one thing that is clearer to me than ever is how food has this wonderfully special way of bringing people together. So if eating is something we spend so much time doing, it should be enjoyable and good, for ourselves, our family, friends and for the very earth that produces it!

Chantal Weakley - Edible